R e a l F o o d No 65

realfood EVERY MONTH
07 First Dish

It’s time to celebrate!

10 Agenda

160 Sweet and sour

realfood December 2011/ January 2012
13 Dish of the month
Turkey breast with meat roll stuffing

15 Cake of the month
Wish upon a star X-mas Cake!

17 Appetizer of the month
Cheese Xmas Tree

19 Golden classic
Cabbage torte with stuffing

28 Menu of the month
New year’s delicious: Easy & Elegant
New year’s party at a low budget

32 Cooking class
Easy as … Apple Pie

realfood STAYING IN
10 Food 4 thought
Pomegranates for a lucky new year

26 Beat the crisis
Easy solutions for a stress-free New Year’s party

38 Realfood on the move
Salad in fashion!

42 City lights
Ala Vefa, new hot spot in town!

43 New Edition
Vefa’s Kitchen travels to Italy, France and Spain

44 Flavor of the month
We Wish U A delicious Christmas & a tasty New Year!

104 Cookie Exchange

108 Cooking class
New year’s “vasilopita” pie: 11 new recipes and all the secrets for successful baking.

124 Kids in the kitchen
It’s party time! Our contest’s results

118 Hot Spot
Antonias Prive: a historic delicatessen

128 City lights
Stelios Kokkinoplytis: “Tasting” Parthenon in Frankfurt!

146 Recipes

68 Santa Claus is coming... again!

69 Holly night full of … sweets!

82 Vefa’s Xmas party
A festive invitation to Vefa’s house

85 How to set the holiday table

realfood Health for all
134 Real Health

Diet’s countdown … just before the turkey day!

136 To your health
We wish you a «Lighter» X-mas & a Healthy New Year (part II)

137 Light MENU
2012 Reveillons… with new flavors!