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Alexia Alexiadou was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and received her MBA at City University, London. After working for a time in the field of finance, she gave it up, to enter the world of gastronomy, thus following a family tradition.
She is the writer of a very achieved trilogy " Cooking: a love affair " (2001), " Wedding Days" (2002) and " Cooking a fairytale" (2003). In October 2005 she published the book "Christmas Dreams", which became best seller with three publications and 6.500 sales until December of the same year.

She encountered her love of the ethnic cuisines while living in the USA, Great Britain and Italy, and her trips all over the world, from the capitals of Europe, to far and exotic places like: Bali, Bang Kong, Hong-Kong, Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, Oahu, inspired her, to write and publish her first cookbook, "Exotic Cuisine" (1996). Favourably, received by modern Greek cooks, this exciting "taste" of the cuisines of Mexico, Hawaii and the Far East will soon be available in English.

Mrs Alexiadous talent for imparting a fresh youthful air to traditional Greek and international dishes has made her, a popular contributor to several Greek magazines and newspapers. She frequently appears with her mother, Vefa Alexiadou, on TV stations and together they have created "Sunny, Mediterranean Cuisine" and the best-selling cookbook series, "20 Best Recipes for ... " which won international acclaim and the Diplome d' Honneur at the 1998 World Cookbook Fair at Perigord, France and which has sold in a total of 30 titles, more than 2,500,000 copies in Greece alone!

Her most current publication in cooperation with her mother was a book of recipes without any animal protein or fat entitled "Sunny, Mediterranean Cuisine".

She attended the 1999 "TASTING AUSTRALIA" event which took place in France, with her mother where they were awarded the silver Laddle award for the photograph and recipe of Soused Sardine. She is an active member of the International Association of the Culinary Professionals. Nowadays, she is collaborating with TA NEA the most prominent Greek newspaper for her bi-weekly insert magazine Dream Food. Mrs Alexiadou now makes her home in Athens with her husband, Evangelos Kitsakis and their daughters Hara and Genovefa.