News Release
Alexia Alexiadou presents Greek cuisine live on CBS Television Network

On Friday 7th November 2008, Alexia Alexiadou was called to present Greek products and cuisine at one of the world’s major television networks, CBS. Alexia’s presentation took place during Russ Mitchell’s morning show, “The Early Show” that was broadcasted live in USA and all over the world from Filopappou Hill, Athens, Greece.
Seizing the opportunity of the forthcoming inauguration of the new Acropolis’ Archeological Museum, Russ Mitchell hosted an extensive reportage about Greece in his show.
Eighty million viewers had the chance to watch a 2-hour program full of Greek spirit such as the interview of the president of new Acropolis Museum, Mr. Pantermalis, the demonstration of folkloric dances by the “Lykeio Ellinidon” and the presentation of Greek cuisine by the famous writer, editor and publisher of cookbooks and magazines, Mrs Alexia Alexiadou.
Alexia Alexiadou presented the most representative products of Greek cuisine and nutrition such as olive oil, feta cheese, ouzo and fresh vegetables. At the same time, Alexia Alexiadou “offered” to the audience the most well-known Greek dishes such as souvlaki, tzatziki, Greek salad, spinach pie, taramosalata and many others. Russ Mitchell tasted all the delicious Greek recipes that Alexia Alexiadou had prepared and was really thrilled! As a genuine Greek, he learned how to combine Greek mezedes with ouzo, to say “cheers” in Greek and dance syrtaki!
Alexia Alexiadou had also the chance to refer to olive oil and its extreme nutritional value that makes it such a significant ingredient possessing the highest place at the Greek as well as the Mediterranean cuisine.
Among the Greek products that Alexia Alexiadou presented during the show, was a platter of products that ancient Greeks included in their daily nutrition. Based on that, Alexia Alexiadou made a very interesting historical review on the nutritional and dietary habits of ancient Greeks and how they influenced temporary Greek cuisine.
At the end of the show, everyone tasted the delicious dishes that Alexia Alexiadou had prepared.
For further information on the show that promoted Greece and its cuisine abroad, as well as the recipes presented during the show, please visit CBS web site: